What is Insights?

Insights is a suite of custom designed services including surveys and mystery customers designed for achieving continuous quality improvement. We offer both quantitative and qualitative assessments of your operation to give you an insight into how your operation is performing and provide an objective and balanced measurement system on which teams can focus for improvement.

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How Does It Work?

Having agreed your operating / service standards with you, we conduct a series of surveys and or visits throughout the year, on each occasion assessing whether these standards are consistently applied. Each report details exactly where, and specifically why deficiencies occurred, and tracks the prior achievement of the standard.

Overall results are produced to give scores by department and by service value, which provide a clear focus for your teams.

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Mystery Customer Services

You may already use customer questionnaires to monitor performance, but are you ever left wondering why a particular customer has given you excellent, good or poor, with no further information?

Insights, provides you with qualitative information – with the detail you need to pin-point exactly where problems lie and where improvements have been made in line with your specific standards.

We look at your operation through the eyes of the customer, tracking the typical customer service journey from initial enquiry through to departure and follow up to give you a realistic and objective view as to how you measure up to the standards you have prescribed.

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Why is Insights so useful?

  • Objective clear information is provided based on your standards
  • It compiles a Track record so you can build up a picture of how consistent a department is.
  • You will know how customers see your business, only our customers tell you, whilst others tell others
  • Provides an objective measurement tool for Management to identify learning solutions, measure performance and address real issues.
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Other Insights Services:

  • Test calls – digitally recorded and analysed to help in coaching your team
  • Sales audits – an in depth analysis of your sales and marketing activities
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • FOCUS+ – A custom built system to give you a complete evaluation and tracking system to ensure all mission critical procedures are effectively implemented

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