Online and Hybrid Programmes

Here are some of the more popular short programmes that we have been running online and in a hybrid environment.

Leading Hybrid Teams

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The world of work has changed beyond what we ever imagined. It will change again and keep changing. Not just because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The pandemic brought about the perfect storm, that was already brewing and accelerated the pace of change like we never could have expected. Nobody knows exactly what the future of work will look like, but we all recognise that organisations and teams are unlikely to go back to the working patterns of the past.

So, what does this mean for leading teams. Team leaders who have in the past managed on-site teams and may have managed remote teams more recently are already, or will soon, find themselves leading teams in a hybrid environment. Hybrids will take different forms in different organisation but likely most leaders will need to navigate some form of hybrid.

We were all catapulted into large scale remote working with no time to pre plan in March 2020. This time around we need to take time to plan, challenge our mindsets, upskill and reassess our approach to team leadership in a hybrid environment. Hybrid is a very different challenge and opportunity and is more difficult to ‘get right’ than all remote or all on site. Team dynamics will change as will team member expectations in terms of what they are looking for from their leaders and organisations.

Duration: 2x half days

Maximum 12 participants

Surviving and Thriving in a Hybrid Team

Hybrid teams
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As ways of working, working environments and team set ups continue to develop, it is critical that as we move into the ‘new normal’ we give employees and opportunity to explore what this will mean for them and the necessary skills to allow then to thrive in the hybrid teams. We don’t know what the future of work will look like, but we do know that it will continue to change at a pace we have only recently become familiar with. Our teams need the situation and opportunity to process what has and is changing and how they deal with that transition and contribute their best to their team and organisation.

Teams who have historically worked in one location are now likely to find themselves in dispersed teams who spend less, if any, time in the same physical location. We all need to reassess our approach to teamwork, collaboration, communication, productivity and creativity. Self-motivation and taking accountability are even more important in hybrid settings. We all need to reassess how we interact with each other, including with our managers.

This workshop will support team members to address the key challenges they are likely to face in this new environment and learnt strategies and skills for transitioning to the ‘new normal.’

Duration: 3hr session

Maximum number of participants: 12

Navigating the return to the office

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As you navigate the transition to return to office, take time out to focus on yourself, explore what may be going on emotionally, think about how you will approach this transition and develop some practical strategies around your mindset and behaviours that will set you up for success. We will explore the emotional transitions we go through as change happens and discuss our learnings from working from home, plan what to take forward into the next transition and what to leave behind. We will look at early warning signs of burnout and what prevents this and hear what other organisations who are further on in the return to office phase have experienced and what works.  Toward the end of this workshop, you will think about what needs to happen within your team to build and maintain a cohesive team in this phase.

Duration: 90 minutes

Maximum number of participants: 12

Leading Remote Teams

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During this session you will have the opportunity to explore how you are getting on leading your team remotely, share with and learn from others and enhance your mindset, tool kit, and techniques to enhance your remote leadership. It will be an opportunity to explore your leadership style, how that matches the current situation as well as in the ‘normal’ course of leadership. You will explore how to build and maintain a sense of team as we socially distance and work from home. This interactive online workshop will give you practical tools and techniques to evaluate where your team is at and put in place measures to enhance teamwork and performance.

Recommended duration: 4 hours

Maximum number of participants: 12

Working from Home Support Workshop

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This workshop is similar to the Leading Remote Teams, but focused on individual contributors rather than managers. Typically it is an hour-long and gives an opportunity for people to discuss and share and also to get some tips and insights. A key challenge for people is managing their time – especially when partners and sometimes children are also at home, so we can also extend this workshop to a 3 hour session and include some pre-work to convert it to Working from Home and Managing Your Time Effectively.

Offered as a 1 hour to 3 hours workshop

Maximum number of participants: 12

Impactful Feedback

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This workshop will be approached in terms of giving feedback, however the principles and techniques are the same whether on line or in person. Managers may be more likely to shy away from / avoid giving feedback on line. This workshop can address this but also develop skills in giving feedback no matter what the situation.

Recommended duration: 90 minutes to 2 hours

Maximum number of participants: 12

Critical Conversations at a Distance

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Working in a virtual environment sometimes results in an over use of emails to communicate. Where such communications involve tough or seemingly unpalatable messages, involving clients, colleagues, stakeholders or team, these can quickly lead to problems, especially with the absence of body language and tone. Taking our impactful critical conversations, this workshop will focus on how to prepare and handle critical conversations online, as well as be better equipped to deal with matters if you happen to be on the receiving end of someone else’s critical conversation.

Recommended duration: 2.5 hours

Maximum number of participants: 12

Presentation Skills in a Virtual Environment

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Presentations can be daunting at the best of times for some people – never mind the feelings some audience members have. Making presentations impactful online is an added challenge, so we have taken our renowned ‘FLOW’ programme and incorporated key tips and techniques to successfully deliver online. Normally a one day programme, this online course would be delivered by 2 x 2.5 hour sessions, with the option of 1:1 reviews of individual presentations.

Recommended duration: 2 x 2.5 hours

Maximum number of participants: 8

Delivering Impactful Training Online

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This targeted workshop is aimed at trainers who currently deliver training in a classroom based environment and now need to do this online. This workshop will build the confidence and skills required to transition their current programmes to impactful online workshops. It is designed for experienced in house trainers and focuses on converting that experience to training on line and is not suitable for people who do not have training experience.

Recommended duration: 2 x 2 hour workshops plus an optional assessment of each trainer

Maximum number of participants: TBC

(Note: We can also deliver an introductory train the trainer for those who do not have training experience already. Give us a call to discuss.)

Facilitation in a Virtual Environment

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Do you or your team facilitate workshops within your organisation? Taking proven facilitation skills and tools, participants will learn to apply them in a virtual environment. For already experienced facilitators we focus on converting that experience to facilitating on line*. For those who are new to facilitating we run a separate programme to develop their skills and capabilities**

* 2 x 2 hour workshops with plus an optional assessment of each facilitator.

**This is typically a 2 day face to face programme, we suggest 3 x 3 hour online workshops supported by some independent work on our learning platform plus an optional assessment of each trainer.

Maximum number of participants: TBC

Communications Skills for Women in Leadership

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Suitable for women in leadership positions or who wish to aspire to leadership positions who are already reasonably confident in their communication skills and who want to improve the impact and effectiveness of their interactions with various stakeholders.

This programme enhances participants communication skills and confidence and hones the effectiveness of their communication. It allows them to reflect on and enhance their communication skills in a professional setting and gain confidence, credibility and composure.

Being able to powerfully and successfully articulate their message can be the difference between success and failure for many women at work.

Participants will work through some practical, valuable tips and tools to better influence through communications with clarity, confidence and authenticity.

Duration: Full day or 2x half days

Maximum number of participants: 12

Delegating and Giving Impactful Feedback

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The first part of this workshop focuses on the principles of delegation and accountability. Managers often struggle with this and even more so on line. As a result of this workshop you will have challenged your own mindset about getting work done through others and will have developed a very specific action plan on how to address this and share the load appropriately, ensuring accountability lies where it should.

In the second part of this workshop we will focus on giving feedback on line, however the principles and techniques are the same whether on line or in person. You may be more likely to shy away from / avoid giving feedback on line and ‘postponing’ it until we are back to our ‘new normal’, however feedback is more like champagne then red wine – it is best served fresh and sparkling and does not benefit from time to mature! The mindset and skills you develop in this workshop will be useful in giving feedback no matter what the situation and will work equally well in person and on line.

Recommended duration: 3 hours

Maximum 12 participants

People Management

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At the end of this programme, participants will understand the significance of their role in delivering on their organisation strategy. They will recognise how to unleash potential in their team to achieve business objectives, enhance their leadership style to deliver impact and results. They will be able to identify where each member of the team is at in the employee lifecycle, to take ownership and responsibility to transition them for success. Participants will demonstrate practical people management skills through structured skills practice, using simple effective models (Practice and feedback) and identify how to develop their own and others resilience. In the current situation all of this will be approached in a remote and hybrid working environment.

Duration: 3 days delivered over 3 weeks

Maximum number of participants: 12

Conflict Resolution Skills

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At the end of this programme, participants will be better able to deal with conflict situations as they arise in their dealings with people. They will gain an insight into the potential of their own personal profiles and understand their own behaviour and that of others and its effects. They will understand the nature of conflict and strategies for resolution and demonstrate the skills necessary to effectively resolve conflict. In addition, they will understand the different styles of communication, how to communicate more effectively and reduce interpersonal tension in the workplace. In the current situation, this will be approached with a hybrid and remote working perspective.

Recommended duration: 3 x 2hr sessions

Maximum number of participants: 12

Laser Coaching Sessions

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Aside from team interventions, some employees need a little help to refocus and adapt to new ways of working. Our laser coaching sessions provide up to 1 hour of personal support to individuals. These can be driven by the individual themselves, or preceded by a brief triangulation meeting with the persons manager to align objectives.

Recommended duration: up to 1hr session


Building and Maintaining a High Performing Team of Remote Workers

Team coaching 1
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Building and maintaining a sense of team is proving a challenge for some as we self isolate. This interactive online workshop will give team leaders practical tools and techniques to evaluate where their team is at and put in place measure to enhance teamwork.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Maximum 12 participants

Finance for non Financial Managers

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Financial accounts are an accurate indication of the business position. But all too often, managers are not familiar with how to read these accounts, once presented to them. A thorough understanding of, and the ability to interpret accounts as business indicators, will allow you to have much greater control over your business and its operations. Being able to account for and interpret your own financial figures is vital, so that you plan effectively and learn from past experiences.

At the end of this programme, participants will understand how they can use their accounts to better run their business/department and understand the fundamental principles behind the compilation of a company’s accounts. They will be able to analyse and interpret the data in a meaningful way, using defined financial ratios and key performance indicators while understanding the techniques used in forecasting and budgeting and the principles of investment appraisal.

Recommended duration: 3 x 3hr sessions

Maximum number of participants: 12

Team Building Events

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We partner with Ireland’s leading event management company – Dynamic Events and we can jointly can work with you to provide a range of new and exciting team building events in the virtual environment. These include daily team kick offs, after work team quizzes and virtual away days (team building competition)

Learning is a journey – not an event.

We have invested heavily to understand the neuroscience of learning and come up with the strategies, facilitators and tools to enable a variety of delivery modes and the effective transfer of learning back into the workplace.

All of our learning interventions draw extensively on the AGES model


Blended and online learning solutions is something we have been doing for many years, with our global clients. More recently due to the Covid-19 crisis, most of our Irish based clients have partnered with us to deliver solutions online and for longer programmes are using our Invisio Learning Platform to extend the learning beyond virtual workshops.

We design and facilitate learning solutions online anything from a 6 month Diploma in Leadership & Management to a 90 minute Leading Remote Teams workshop. As the working from home period has been extended more and more clients are looking for longer term development programmes.


What I really noticed was that I was so engaged in the workshop that I honestly couldn’t believe the 1.5 hours was over when it was completed. So to me that says a lot! You were able to keep me engaged (late at night my time when I am not my best) and talked about topics super relevant to the situation I am going through and the situation my staff are dealing with.  

I really liked the use of technology and the break out rooms were great! 

From my perspective a job very well done and I think everyone who attends these workshops should end up with valuable knowledge and resources.

Russ Cullinane

Head of Southeast Asia Sourcing

Director PT. South Pole Indonesia

A huge thank you on behalf of all 150 employees who joined the workshops! It was an absolute success!!! We have received many very positive feedbacks. Thanks so much for all the value you added to the lives of our colleagues.

It is so amazing to work with Invisio. Please also thank your colleagues behind the scenes on our behalf.

Global HR Manager

Business Consultancy Organisation

Education Sector

It was really good, very useful, new tips and tools that will help me deliver better and more engaging presentations. Very interactive – given it was online. I think this helped the course as reflected what it would have been like if it was based in classroom’.

Executive Officer, Education Sector

Programme: Presenting in an Online Environment Skills

Higher Education Sector

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s on line training course. I actually found it very therapeutic myself and felt a great sense of release afterwards. I have a great team around me and after the training yesterday, I told them that too.

Manager, Higher Education Sector

Leading Remote Teams Workshop

Academic Institution

I found it very engaging and beneficial. The course facilitators were lovely and engaged well with the course attendees. Despite meeting in a virtual capacity, the experience felt very normal. The use of technology was very impressive too. I liked the breakout rooms and the Padlet tool. Plenty of  conversation, and interesting to hear from other people outside your own department and the challenges they are facing working from home. The second part of the course focused on practical tips that you can apply to your own work regime.

Administrator, Academic Institution

Programme: Managing Time while Working From Home Workshop

…Found the break out rooms great to start getting to know people…

…The workshops transitioned online really well. The Invisio facilitator was great…

…Excellent and thought provoking, hopefully life changing…

…I found the content and pace to work well…

…Really like the partnership conversation and provided a lot of food for thought. Thanks! 

…The Invisio Facilitator was excellent, delivered the content in a very enjoyable fashion, clearly highlighting the important parts. the breakout rooms were great to get to know people, weren’t too crowded and everyone got a chance to talk etc. Would look forward in the future to more conflict resolution techniques. Thanks again

TU Dublin Hothouse / IADT Media Cube – New Frontiers Participants

This was the best online training session I have attended so far.
Thank you

Academic Institution

ProgrammeConfident Communication Workshop

Business Services

That was the best training I have ever had in 20 years and a great use of time. I never believed it could be that good on line’

Director, Business Services

Programme: Leading Remote Teams Workshop

3rd-Level Academic Institution

There was huge interest in this, and I’ve had really great feedback. Every single person who has participated has found them fantastic. The feedback is really, really excellent – it’s unusual to have 100% consistency in feedback – I’m really grateful to you!

Head of Training & Learning

3rd Level Academic Institution

Health Services

The facilitator was exceptionally good. This session was super important and I got a lot from this that I will implement in my own practice going forward. The resources are amazing and I will use these monthly to set goals and priorities for the weeks. This was the best session I attended, honestly it was excellent!

Manager, Health Services

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