Why choose Invisio?

A real understanding of business and organisation environments – we have been there – we were once the client. We have significant organisational experience ourselves as managers. We know there is a significant difference between theory and experience and we bring the right balance between the two.

Understand people – people are our business & people are inherently different. When we truly understand the people around us, we become successful (in work, in relationships, in life). All of our interventions help others to understand people – whether it be a one day project management course, a 6 month coaching engagement, a 2 hour facilitated workshop – helping others understand people is always part of what we do – it gives us the edge.

Get to know you, your organisation and your people – as part of our getting to know our customers we have been down a mine, in an army tanker, around a grand prix circuit, out to sea in a pilot boat, on the phone listening to customer queries, through a warehouse, in a blood bank storage unit, in executive team meetings, suited and booted in a food manufacturing plant, in a plant room, immersed in university lectures …… We make the effort that others don’t. We love getting to know you.

Customise the solution to your objectives – we start from where you want to end up! We work with you to envision the outcomes you want and work backwards to design customised interventions. We help you clarify your objectives and we work from there.

Impactful interventions – enriching your people and your organisation is our goal. We have a strong reputation for delivering solutions that give real impactful results to individuals and organisations. We engage both the minds and the hearts of people.

Focus on transfer of the learning to the job – the learning from our primary research into what within learning and development solutions causes behavioural change helps us to deliver solutions that make a difference and enables us to support you to ensure transfer.

Long-term relationships – we are proud to say we have never lost a client – our interest in our clients and the development of their organisation results in long-term relationships. Many of our clients have themselves moved on to other organisations and invariably bring Invisio with them. You don’t just hire us – we partner with you.

Authenticity – we are authentic and so are all of our learning and development interventions, whether they be training, coaching or facilitation. We use real life scenarios from the participants work environments. We know work can be challenging and one size does not fit all. We have no difficulty agreeing when we are told ‘it just doesn’t work’ – we focus on what would make it work – there is always an option – always an opportunity to make a positive impact.

Our Team – we are all passionate about what we do – and that passion rubs off – we don’t do bad days – we put huge energy and focus into every client, every participant, every challenge.

Responsive – we are available to our clients and their people. We respond quickly and adapt to new and changing circumstances and needs.