Our expertise lies in Facilitation, Learning Solutions and Coaching for you and your team.

We unleash your team’s potential to deliver on your strategy. We do this by engaging the hearts, minds and hands of your people; developing new ways  of  thinking and working, leading to incredible results for you and your organisation.

Our Approach
Invisio Team

Our Values

  • Disruption – We do things differently. Everything we do is designed with the latest neuroscience research in mind, to maximise learning, retrieval and use.
  • Impact – We ask challenging  questions  of our clients and ourselves  to  disrupt and transform mindsets. Doing the right things, for the right reasons, getting the right resuIts.
  • Action – We are not a talking shop – everything we do is focused on action for results and addressing organisational opportunities and challenges.
  • Relationships – We build long lasting mutually valuable relationships – with our clients, our team, your team and between individuals and teams in your organisation.
  • Engagement – We engage the hearts, minds and hands of everyone we work with. We are agile and know what needs to be done to maximise impact.

Why Choose Us?

We were once the client. We understand the complexities that exist within organisations and teams. We combine our expertise in learning and development with our real-life organisational experience to get to the heart of the problem and offer lasting solutions.

We’ve been down a mine, in an army tanker, around a grand prix circuit, and out to sea in a pilot boat. We get on the phone to hear your customer queries, walk the warehouse, and sit in on executive team meetings. We make the effort that others don’t because we love getting to know you.

With you, we pinpoint where you are and where you want to be and help you get there in simple steps. We translate the theory into your reality on the ground and keep a laser-sharp focus throughout the engagement.

We are fully up to date with the latest neuroscience and we use it to help you and your colleagues understand people and what helps them learn – it is what gives us the edge. Whether it’s a two-year leadership development programme, a one-day performance conversations course, a 6-month coaching engagement, or a 2-hour facilitated workshop – helping you understand how to get the best from others is always part of what we do.

When people are fully engaged, they want to make a real difference – at Invisio we engage the hearts and minds of people in every intervention. We are not afraid to stimulate tough but productive conversations to get impactful results.

Everything we do in our interventions is about you achieving your objectives – there is always an opportunity to make more of an impact and we won’t give up until we find it. We respond quickly and adapt to new and changing circumstances and needs.

Our deep interest in our clients, their businesses and the development of their organisations results in long-term relationships. Many of our clients have themselves moved on to other organisations and invariably bring Invisio with them. You don’t just hire us – we partner with you.

Our clients tell us all the time about the long-lasting impact of their partnership with us and the difference we make to their businesses. At the outset of any intervention, we identify, with you, measurable outcomes and continually work to ensure these results are achieved.

We are all passionate about what we do, and that passion rubs off. We don’t do bad days – we put huge energy and focus into every client, every participant, every challenge.

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