“Things should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.” Albert Einstein

Facilitation – Meetings, Workshops, Projects

Workshop FacilitationFacilitation is the act of making something easier.

Invisio facilitators help achieve consensual solutions with agreed action plans fast. As facilitators we work with a group of people to help them have a conversation, come to agreement, or plan for the future.

We design, develop and manage the process the group goes through and allow the group to focus on and control the content of the discussion. So we make it easier for the group to have discussions and reach conclusions and action plans by getting them thinking, contributing, engaging and challenging.

You tell us your desired outcome and we will build a process to get there through facilitated events – be in strategy development, an away day, a change initiative, a project, a problem or just gathering the collective thoughts of a group of people. We create the right environment for healthy conflict which when handled well can add real value.

How can facilitation work for you? Get in touch with us, we would be happy to answer your queries.

Case Study Outline facilitation

Our client was part of a multinational operating in Ireland. Operational difficulties led to the threat of withdrawing of a national accreditation that would have adversely affected the public and customer perception of the organisation.

Invisio facilitated meetings of the operations team to agree what the core issues were and the best way of collectively addressing them.This involved seeking agreement to amended work practices and agreeing quality standards and targets for achievement.

In addition to this internal process, Invisio also facilitated meetings between the company and the awarding body that in turn resulted in an agreed path forward towards rectifying the areas of dispute.

The agreed quality and work practice changes, coupled with the structured communication and facilitation of meetings by Invisio between both parties resulted in consensus and the retention of an important business accreditation by our client.


Having recently appointed a new operations management team, I knew it was important to get the different domain heads together to align on our vision mission and ways of working. I got in touch with Invisio to help out . Louise Mc Namara from Invisio was adept at asking the right questions to quickly understand our business and within a short period of time she had developed a 2 day programme for our team.

The quality of the design of the workshop and facilitation was excellent. With lots of strong characters in the room, Louise gave us the tools to safely navigate the conflicts, highlighted group dynamics and helped to create a safe environment for the team to bond and grow. It was great to have someone who was able to apply critical thinking to some of our assumptions and at the same time drive the discussions and agenda forward.

We all learned a lot in 2 days and we have been set up for success. Invisio were instrumental in helping this happen.

James Ryan
CEO at Ammeon


Invisio has worked with many divisions of our Hotels on Business / Strategy Development.

They are extremely diligent in their approach to the objective and always manages to extract the best from the teams they are working with, leaving them clearly set-up with achievable action plans for the future betterment of our business. I find the Invisio team to be engaging and personal in their approach and realistic with the outputs required.

I would not hesitate in recommending Invisio.

Andrew O’Neill
Group Operations Director at Choice Hotel Group